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English Profile

Name: Motoko Okumoto 

E-mail: okumoto[at]

Affliction: Hokkaido University, CoSTEP

Job title: Assistant Professor

Degree: Ph.D 

Motoko Okumoto received doctor degree from Department of Cyber Society and Culture, School of Culture and Social Studies, the Graduate University for Advanced Studies, Japan, in 2009. The theme of Doctoral dissertation is the learning support for museum study.

In 2009, she became an assistant professor at the Center for the Promotion of Integrated Sciences, the Graduate University for Advanced Studies and taught Science Communication. In 2015, she became an associate professor at Center for the Promotion of Excellence in Higher Education, Kyoto University and worked for Instructional Design of MOOC.

Currently, she is an associate professor at Department of Communication in Science and Technology Education and Research Program: CoSTEP, Hokkaido University. Recently, she studies informal learning with the theme of museum and science communication.

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